BILISHI is a beer import and distribution company, specialized in Belgian microbrewery beers. Today, it is possible to find thousands of different beers in Taiwan. Our goal is to offer a simple but strong selection of beers, a shortcut to find what Belgium does best.


BILISHI is founded by two Belgian guys, both passionate by beers and raised in the beer industry, Simon Habran & Florian Janssen. Their respective fathers, Marc Habran & Jean-Luc Janssen were already brewing beer together, in Belgium and Africa, in famous breweries like Stella Artois and Chimay. The sons can count on the expertise of their fathers to select the best beers, not only by taste, but also by the quality of the breweries.


We see our relationships with our clients as a partnership. The goal is not only to add the beers on their menus, but also to create events, food pairings, and implicate ourselves in the promotion and development of their businesses. We believe in long term partnerships and mutual benefits.